Turn A Vacation Into An Adventure – Live Real Life Experiences


Coastlines, cliffs, birds, seals and whales, everything that’s on your Bucket list to see and more. So lace your boots, your trail is waiting, you’re set to go!


Surrounded by striking colours of the water, cliffs and sky, revel in the joy of a coastal paddle in Trinity Bay South. Nature soothes the soul as you paddle with a guide for a coastal excursion full of eye opening wonders.

Food & Culture

Welcome to the Baccalieu Trail, a region like no other on the island. Immerse yourself in a way of life that started here with permanent settlements in the 1600’s. Where English Canada began.
Devour the delectable treats for your tastebuds that we have. A mix of cajun cooking with a Newfoundland baymen’s flare, or bursting with flavor Indian cuisine. There’s also the traditional favourites like fish and chips. Your mouth can’t help but smile!